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Homer ILIAD Homer 30
Kalidasa Loom of Time: A Selection of his Plays and Poems Kalidasa Penguin 17
Students Guide to Income Tax Including GST Singhania, V.K. Taxmanns 3
Mobile Computing Rajkamal Oxford 82
Introduction to Supply Chain Management Handfield, Robert B. Pearson 137
Spring and Hibernate Kumar, K.S. MGH 92
Money, Banking and Public Finance Hajela, T.N. Ane Books 3
JSP and Servlets Matha, M.P. PHI 40
Essentials of Educational Psychology Aggarwal, J.C. Vikas 5
Mrichchhakatika of Sudraka Kale, M.R. 20
Juvenal: The Sixteen Satires Juvenal 3
Kalidasa Loom of Time : A Selection of his plays and poems Kalidasa Penguin 1
Understanding The Art of Cinema Dash, R.N. 20
TV Journalism : Skills,Tools and Techniques Winterson, D. 10
Photoshop CC:In simple steps Editorial, D.T. Dreamtech 5
Hadoop in Action Lam, C. Dreamtech 46
Fluency in English Vol II Varma, P. Oxford 5
EI Dorado Pushkala, R. Orient Black Swan 5
Aristotle Poetics : A New Translation Kenny, A. Oxford 5
Psychological Realm: An Introduction Chadha, N.K. 2
William Shakespeare: The Complete Sonnets and Poems Burrow, C. Oxford 1
Handbook of Journalsim and Mass Communication Aggarwal, V.B. Concept 18
Broadcast Journalism in 21st Century Shrivastava, K.M. Sterling 20
Grammar of the Shot Bowen, Christopher J. Routledge 2
Grammar of the Edit Bowen, Christopher J. Routledge 2
The Documentary Filmmakers Roadmap: A Practical Guide to Planning, Production and Distribution Trump, M. Routledge 2
Broadcast News Writing Reporting, and Producing Barnas, F. Focal Press 2
Biological Psychology Kalat, J.W. Cengage 5
Essentials of Understanding Psychology Feldman, R.S. MGH 5
Psychology Mishra, B.K. PHI 5
New Headway: Intermediate Students Book Soars, L&J Oxford 2
General Psychology Srivastava, D.N. 5
Paradise Lost Books 1 & 2 Milton, J. Oxford 5
Ovid and Horace Batra, S. Surjeet Publication 5
Fluency in English Vol I Varma, P. Orient Black Swan 5
Social Psychology Singh, A.K. PHI 5
Psychology Ciccarelli, S.K. Pearson 15
Social Psychology Branscombe, N.R. Pearson 15
Motivation and Personality Maslow,Abraham h Pearson 6
Individual and Society Sood, V. Pearson 5
Metamorphoses Ovid Penguin 5
Aeneid Virgil Penguin 5
Cilappatikaram: The tale of an Anklet Parthasarthy, R. Penguin 20
Three Theban Plays Sophocles Penguin 4
Post of Gold Plautus Penguin 5
Oresteia: Agamemnon The Libation Bearers,The Eumenides Aeschylus Oxford 5
Mass Communication and Journalism in India Mehta, D.S. Allied 20
Textbook of Environmental Studies Chawla, S. MGH 20
Indian Polity Laxmikanth, M. MGH 20
Media Law and Ethics Neelamalar, M. PHI 20